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Therapeutic Massage designed for you with your needs in mind. Choose from 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Your massage maybe enhanced with warm stones, cupping, and therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living Oils.

Raindrop Massage uses 9 oils for restoring balance. The oils are applied to the spine of your feet and then dropped like raindrops along your spine. This process takes an hour and is finished with warm stones. Raindrop delivers *Increased energy, More mobility, Better sleep, Improved digestion, Pain reduction, Relief from colds & allergies, stress relief* Raindrop is suggested 4 times a year for general health and wellness, more often for chronic or sudden illnesses. $75

Rushed for time? Take 30 minutes to have either a rejuvenating foot massage or a relaxing face and neck massage enhanced by warm towels and essential oils. $35

Want to learn more about essential oils and how to use them in your home and everyday life? Call to set up a time for 30 minutes to ask questions and learn where and how to start replacing toxins we live with everyday $20

Special Nap Time added to any service, my version of the 10 minute snooze button! After making sure you are comfortably tucked in, you will be left alone after your service to enjoy a nap before being awakened with a gentle full body rocking massage. $15

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