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Caring Hands now offers HTE Chi Machine and the Far-Infra-red Hot house for your personal health enhancement.They can be used separately or together.
hot house with chi machine

The Chi Machine offers full body oxygenation, detoxification and weight loss if used on a consistent daily basis.
Oxygenation at cellular level, daily detoxification due to lymphatic system stimulation, instant total body relaxation and internal massage, gradual and safe weight loss, spinal alignment and muscle relaxer. Alternative, natural healing and fitness for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Visit our friend, Jeff Kowalski at to learn more about HTE products and how they might benefit you.

The FIR topical warming unit known as the HotHouse, produces its unique effect through radiant Far Infrared heat. Its unique, specially arched design and multifaceted acute-angled silicon surface, maximizes the penetrating radiant heat absorbed by the user, thereby enhancing the thermal effect. It's easy to use, portable, very comfortable, 100% safe, simple and convenient to operate, and makes you feel absolutely terrific as it heats the entire body.

Many people wake up daily with muscle inflammation and soreness from common activities, which may have taken place earlier. They also wonder if there are ways to reduce the effects of the pain before it becomes unbearable. The answer is 'yes!'... safely, naturally and within the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about the Chi Machine and Hot House, contact Kathy at the email address or phone number provided below. For your convenience click the text below to view a printable pdf brochure of each product.
 CHI Machine 
 Hot House 
Are you interested in learning more about how you could become a distributor of HTE products? We would be happy to to provide you with more information and discuss the possibilities with you.